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Fans made a version of Wordle called Loldle, which was based on Riot Games' League of Legends. Instead of having to guess a random phrase every day, players will get a champion, skin, or quote. The way you play LoLdle is very similar to how you play Wordle, Footdle, and FIFA Ultimate Team.

Ways to have fun

Each champion in League of Legends has four main skills and one passive talent, which can be chosen at random during Lodle's test. After five wrong answers, the user will only be able to see the possibility's picture and name. When you put in the names of champions you think match the clues, LoLdle will tell you how close you are to getting the champion of the day right. If you want to use this version of Wordle, you need to know about League of Legends. If you don't know how many characters there are or what skills they have, you won't be able to guess the champion right.

There are four ways to play games on LoLdle.

Each time you guess the winner in this classic game, the green, red, and orange boxes will give you a different hint.
Give an example of a game's winner who has this line.
It takes skill to know what a spell is by its symbol.
Splash: To guess the skin, look at the part of the splash picture that was cut off.

In Classic mode, a player only needs to type the name of a champion to learn about that character's gender, play location, species, resources used, range type, release year, and place of origin. If your guess is close enough, the color of your tile will change to show how close you were. Orange means that the feature is only partially matched, while green means that it is a perfect match. Red means that the guess and the attribute don't match at all.

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