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10 best games like Dordle


Dordle is a Wordle variant that features the same gameplay but with a unique twist. In the official Wordle game, you must guess one word before moving on. In Dordle, however, the user must guess two words at the same time to advance in the game. If you think this is simple, you haven't heard the whole story.


How to play

Dordle is very similar to Wordle in terms of playability. There are two modes in the game: Free Dordle and Daily Dordle. Both daily mode and free play operate in the same manner. The only difference is that players in daily mode have the same word as the rest of the day. The free-to-play mode continuously presents you with random puzzles to play at your leisure.


The rules are the same in both modes of play. It's similar to Wordle, but with the caveat that the player must guess both words at the same time. For both words, there are seven possible answers. The letter is in the word, but in a different position, as indicated by the yellow square. The green tile indicates that the letter is in the proper place.


Strategies and tips

As we discussed, Dordle is all about your ability to combine two Wordle grids at the same time. Wordle's solo grid is hard enough, so what about Dordle?

For a smooth gameplay, Dordle has incorporated some sophisticated schemes to make it easier for players to guess the game, for example, the way color hints are displayed on the virtual keyboard to provide a visual map of your progress in each grid.


With the right strategy and wise maneuvers, Dordle is an easy game to beat wherever you go. Like on Wordle, your first words, familiarity with the occurrence/frequency of letters plays a decisive role in narrowing down the total number of moves made to crack even secret words. hidden.

For a more in-depth look at how letters and words should be used in Dordle, read our detailed article on the topic linked directly below.


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Some of your first moves, if played with calculus, will help you fill in valid letters – but that only concerns one aspect of the game.

Since Dordle applies the same input guessing word to both grids, the response received on each letter varies according to the mysterious word underlyingso the real test of reasoning skills is put to the test. your argument with great emphasis on restraint.

You shouldn't waste the predictions you have. Instead, you should use them carefully so that each move tells you something important about the secret hidden in each grid cell.


Top Tip: Follow the keyboard to get a viable impression of the letters the appearance or lack of occurrence can be easily understood and used to your advantage if you manage to grasp the nature and behavior of the letters on the keyboard.

Word puzzle sites can also prove quite helpful when you're having trouble guessing.

The word and letter strategies in Dordle are not much different from Wordle, you can read and learn more about the effects of different Wordle strategies from the related articles listed below.

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