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7 Words

Test your vocabulary with 7 Words. A game that tests your ability to find words based on given syllables. If you want a hard word game, this is the one for you. The game has hundreds of levels of increasing difficulty for players to train and challenge their skills. Begin your journey and discover the number of levels you can conquer.

How to play

If you're up for the puzzling challenge, click the Start button. Your objective is to solve the puzzle by connecting the syllables listed below to produce a valid word with meaning. There are so many different syllables that it can be confusing. However, attempt to notice and identify a syllable that can begin the vocabulary you know, and then connect the next syllables. It will be easier if you think logically and combine them using a precise playing technique. So, devise a strategy or play carefully to accomplish as many levels as possible. As you practice, your word-guessing skills will improve, and your vocabulary will expand significantly. The game will become increasingly tough as you progress through the levels. To become the best vocabulary master, practice and hone your skills every day.

If you want to push yourself further, you can test your vocabulary skills in Word Maker.

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