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Word Maker

Word Maker tests your word-finding skills. You can uncover the hidden word within the provided syllables. You will be challenged in each stage of the game to find a valid word by combining the syllables that are provided to you. There are hundreds of difficulty levels with varied word lengths to try. Let's start testing your vocabulary.

How to play

If you're confident in your vocabulary skills, start testing them in Word Maker. There are three game modes: Classic, For Time (1x1), and Daily. Each mode will present a fresh challenge, and hundreds of levels await you to explore. Let's start with classic mode to become accustomed to the gameplay. Your objective is to fill in the blank box with a valid word of the appropriate length. To make valid words, combine the syllables randomly selected from the table below. You will easily become confused because there are too many syllables that are not in any particular order. Try to reason it out and discover the secret, valid term. When you finish a word correctly, you will go on to the next word. If you want more of a challenge, begin in time mode. The clock will start ticking; find the secret word before the time runs out. Practice your talents daily. The game will become easier as you practice every day. Become a vocabulary master!

If you want to test your word-guessing abilities further, try Word Wipe.

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