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Wordle Cymraeg

Wordle Cymraeg is a fun word-guessing game that is based on the well-known game Wordle by Josh Wardle. This version is mostly about Welsh words, and Eurfa and some other helpers made a big list of them.

How to Join In
In Wordle Cymraeg, the goal is the same as in the original game: players have to guess the secret word within a certain number of tries. By picking letters, players can see which ones are right and where they should go, which helps them figure out the right word.

Wordle Cymraeg is a word game with a Welsh twist. It helps people learn more Welsh words and improve their language skills. There are many Welsh words, so the game should be fun and full.

Wordle Cymraeg takes the fun and challenge of trying to guess words and adds the richness of the Welsh language. This makes it a great choice for people who like languages and want to know more about how beautiful the Welsh language is.

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