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Wordle Bot

The Wordle Bot looks at the letters in the Wordle puzzle by using complex algorithms and advanced pattern recognition methods to look at the letters. With this information, a list of possible word pairs can be made. These combinations are carefully made based on the patterns of popular English words and the number of times each letter appears.

Keeping track of your progress
The Wordle Bot keeps track of how far you've come as you make guesses in Wordle. It knows the letters you have tried and the guesses you have made in the past. As the game goes on, the bot can use this information to improve its word combinations and make better decisions.

Giving feedback and ideas
After each guess, the Wordle Bot compares what you type to the list of possible words it makes. It then tells you how well you are doing. This input could include information about correct letters in the right places (correctly placed letters) and correct letters in the wrong places (misplaced letters). With this knowledge, you can make educated guesses about what will happen in the future.

How to Stop Being Unsure
By using the Wordle Bot's features, you can get rid of the guessing that comes with Wordle. You don't have to guess words at random. Instead, you get smart ideas that increase your chances of finding the right answer quickly.

How to play Wordle Bot with a mouse

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