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Wordle+ is a new version of the original Wordle that has more modes and features that let you play for as long as you want. Change to infinite mode to keep playing for as long as you want.

how to do it
If you choose Wordle+, you can change the game mode. Each mode of the game has its own hard level. If you turn it on in one mode of play, it won't change anything else. If you haven't broken the rules for hard mode, you can switch it on.

If you double-click on a column, you can see what the word means or what plays might work for it. If you double-click or right-click the next row, you can see how many words can be played there based on what you've learned so far. Because the words are picked at random from the list, it is possible to get the same word more than once. When the refresh button shows up in the top left corner, a new word is ready.

The game can't choose all five-letter words as answers because there are more correct guesses than there are words. You can't add old games to your statistics. You can play a game about history by clicking on a link to a certain game.

To see some extras, go to the options menu: You can play once a day, once an hour, or all the time.

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