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Word Guess

Word Guess is a unique and difficult word-guessing task. Players can predict between 4 and 6 letters in six trials. Play Word Guess daily to improve your prediction and reasoning skills. Your vocabulary will grow, and you will acquire new words every day. Spend a lot of time training to become a vocabulary expert!

How to play

Are you prepared for this unusual word-guessing challenge? Every day, players will put their vocabulary to the test with terms of four, five, or six letters. The typical traditional game will not limit players to guessing only five-letter words. Every time you play, you will learn a new language that you may not have known previously. Each player will have a maximum of six guesses. If they can't find the exact secret word after six attempts, the game is over. Please enter the word you predicted and press the send button. Your level of accuracy in predicting the term will determine how the game reacts to your guess.

  • If the crossword turns green, it means the letter is correct and in the proper spot.
  • If the crossword becomes yellow, the letter is correct but in the incorrect spot.
  • If the crossword goes gray, the letter is incorrect and does not appear in the secret word.

Make appropriate judgments about the hidden word using this color clue.

Spellbound allows you to test your vocabulary even more. Have fun!

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