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Weddle Game

The NFL's new Wordle is called "The Weddle Game." In Weddle, players don't have to guess a mystery word every day. Instead, they get eight chances to name the mysterious NFL player. If you want to do well in this game and win a lot of money, you need to know a lot about NFL players. In this case, the player needs to know both how to remember names and how to solve puzzles. This game can only be won by die-hard NFL fans who can remember a lot.

How do you play Weddle?

Players in a Weddle Game type in the name of an NFL player. In each game, the player has eight chances to move one step closer to the right answer. The Weddle board is reset every day. A green box shows which player got the right answer in the right column. A yellow box for height or age means that the answer was off by two units (two inches, five, etc.). The yellow tile in the division column shows that the assembly is correct, but the division is not.

If you like the NFL and have some spare time, you should check out Weddle. What a great time!

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