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Join Versle on a daily spiritual journey through the pages of the Bible. This intriguing game challenges you to decipher a Bible verse reference, one clue at a time. Can you correctly identify the book, chapter, and verse of the highlighted Bible scripture in five attempts?

How to play

Versle is a fun way to learn about the eternal wisdom of the Bible. Your objective is to correctly identify the reference to a certain Bible verse, which is made up of three parts: the book, the chapter, and the verse. You have five chances to figure out the Bible passage citation. Each estimate brings you closer to figuring out the entire reference.


After submitting your guess, pay particular attention to the color of each tile, since it reveals important clues:


Green: When a book title or a number is highlighted in green, it means that the element is correct and in the correct place in the reference.

Indicating that a number is included in the reference but is not in the appropriate location, the color yellow is highlighted. It's a crucial hint that can help you alter your guess.

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