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TWICE Heardle

TWICE Heardle, a K-pop-inspired replica of the popular online game Heardle, has taken the music business by storm. Players must identify six song fragments from Twice in a single day. The standards are similar to Heardle's, but they include a unique twist that makes sense for Twice's catalog.

The goal of the game is to overcome everyday music obstacles specific to Twice's music. After 16 seconds of listening to a randomly picked Twice song, players must choose the appropriate reaction. To help the audience determine the correct answer, the game provides 16-second samples from randomly picked Twice songs.

K-pop fans who can quickly and easily recognize Twice's songs are the game's target audience. To see if they can understand the code, kids can repeat and sing along with the suggestions. To save time, players might choose to exclude their predictions. They can use the search box to get answers to any questions they have about the two songs.

When playing Twice Heardle, players should avoid restricting their comments to a single language. Rather, they should base their evaluations on the entire spectrum of music. By following the game's recommendations and advice, players can have a fun and challenging musical experience while increasing their chances of guessing correctly within six trials.


To participate in the challenge, players simply follow the instructions and utilize their mouse.
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