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TVdle is a daily guessing game about TV shows that tests how well you know what is on. You have 20 seconds and six guesses to figure out the TV show in this fun game. Start and get ready to have fun guessing what TV shows will be like.

TVdle gives you a new job about a TV show every day, so it always puts your TV show knowledge to the test. It's a game that helps you remember TV shows and events from the past.
Details on how to play the TVdle
TVdle is easy to play:

To start the game, press the START button.
As you play, the picture will get better, so you can figure out what TV show it is.
You can stop the timer and give your view by pressing the "estimate" button.
If you don't know the answer or get it wrong, you can press "I DON'T KNOW" to start the countdown over.
Every day, you'll have to guess a new TV show.

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