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Trekle is a version of Wordle dedicated to "Star Trek" fans. The game's website says that starting Sunday, the daily mystery word gets harder every day. If you don't like movies, this game might be harder for you because many words are only used in movies.

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The basic goal is to hit all five words in less than six attempts, but the fewer tries you need, the better. Similar to Wordle, the color of the cells changes after each guess to indicate how close you are to the real word: the green box shows the letters in the correct position, and the orange box shows the letters in the correct position. Letters are in the word but in a different location, and the gray boxes show letters that are not in the word. Starting on Sunday, every day of the week, it will be harder for you to put words into words.

You can find popular phrases at the beginning of the week.
There is no apostrophe in the name D'vana, so it is written as "DVANA."
Words in Klingon are spelled using the KLI method.

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