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Tirtle is a puzzle game that uses terminology from Autostraddle. The challenge of five-letter crosswords with up to six distinct guesses will get you excited. The game necessitates the player's comprehension and dedicated investigation of specialized, less-popular topics. Additionally, participants will not receive descriptions for their responses, unlike Wordle. Instead, the crosswords' bright color scheme will help you. As follows:

When the box turns light green, you've guessed correctly.
The letter in the light yellow box indicates that the term contains it. However, you must place it in another box.
Since the character is incorrect, the box in light brown will be ignored.

The charismatic topic.

Autostraddle was previously an independently owned online magazine and social network for genderqueer people, with a focus on femininity. On the official website of this theme, players can find information on fashion, politics, television, movies, and other topics of interest to this community. With such a wide structure, determining the answer to a game is certainly a task.

Autostraddle is linked to every situation in Wordle. By reviewing the content on this page, players can find appropriate terminology for their rounds.

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