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The Impossible Letter

The Impossible Letter is a fun and hard "find the difference" game that will test your ability to notice things and recognize images. In this game, you look at a grid of characters and try to find the one that doesn't fit. The problem is that as you move through the levels, the squares get bigger and the differences between them get less clear. This makes it very hard to do.

How the game works
In Identifying the Odd One Out in the Impossible Letter, your job is to find the one character in a grid that is different from the rest. For example, in a 2x2 grid of letters, if one letter stands out, you have to touch it to move on to the next level. The first few levels look like simple 2x2 squares, but the game quickly gets harder.

Getting more complicated
As you move through the game, it gets more complicated. You'll find bigger grids, like 10 by 10, with almost the same symbols. The one that is different is only different in a small way, like a small horizontal line on the bottom. This requires a great eye for detail and good visual recognition skills.

Share what you've done well.
The Impossible Letter encourages people to work together and compete. Players can try to get to the highest level possible and then brag about it on social media, making their friends and other players want to beat their scores.

How to use the mouse to play The Impossible Letter

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