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Superdle is a puzzle game highly influenced by Wordle. The challenges in this game invite you to explore the world of monsters. Are you interested about how these characters will appear? That's all you need to decode with these few indications. The game demands players to have a basic understanding of monsters as well as strong reasoning skills. This world of imagined things will broaden your horizons of exploration.

Suggestions that you should pay attention to in Superdle will show in the hue of the squares. With the characters in the green box, you just need to keep looking for the letters for the remaining positions. The cells that turn blue represent the characters that must be rearranged. The gray cells represent letters that are not found in the response.

How can I receive the whole experience?

There are no tips in the explanation, so how can I get the correct answer in Superdle? The monsters hidden beneath each crossword will test the player's exceptional prediction abilities. Every week, you'll play as an adventurer, destroying gigantic enemies. The journeys will never end, and finding monsters will be an exciting experience for all players. So, what are you waiting for? Join us in solving difficult crosswords and mastering game rounds with your excellent talents!

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