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Sqwordle is a fun and interesting game that combines the famous game Wordle with Pokémon. You have six tries in Sqwordle to guess the name of a Pokémon. Every day, Pokémon players can play a new Sqwordle game to test how well they know the Pokémon of the day.

How to Join In
Each Sqwordle problem is a grid of letters that spell out the name of a Pokémon. To guess the right letters and find the Pokémon's name, players must use reasoning and knowledge of Pokémon. After each guess, the game tells the player which letters are correct and where they should be. This helps them choose between fewer options.

Since there are new Sqwordle games every day, players can always try something new. It keeps the game fun, gets more people to play, and lets them learn more about Pokémon.

Sqwordle is a fun game that brings together the excitement of Pokémon and the fun of choosing words. It's fun and educational because it tests players' knowledge of Pokémon species and their ability to figure out the right names in a limited number of tries.

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