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Squaredle is a simple game where you put together words. Swipe the letters in the grid each day to test your vocabulary and move up the scoreboard. In the word Squaredle game, you can only use words with four letters or more. Every puzzle has at least one eight-letter word, and some have as many as sixteen-letter words.

Ways to have fun
Your forecast will take up one row and one column. The game will automatically move through the rows and columns as you make your next guess. You can't choose where it goes. You can add notes to the blue circles by clicking on a square and typing a letter. This will help you remember the height to try in a square on your next guess.

You start with 10 guesses and can get up to 5 more by figuring out what the words mean.
The game is won by getting the sixth and last word right.
Another example: After you find a few words, some of the letters will start to turn gray. Since the rest of the letters don't show up in any other word puzzles, you can focus on those.

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