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10 best games like Dordle

Shaple 2

The purpose of Shaple 2 is to identify the shape that meets the specified criteria within the time restriction. The game offers a visually appealing experience in which you must swiftly evaluate and compare shapes in order to locate the perfect match. You'll need to make judgments quickly because you'll be under time constraints.

How to Participate
The rules of the game, while simple, have a pleasant allure. Your task is to find a little square within a grid that corresponds to a larger square displayed to you. However, there is a catch. The squares are continually rotating, necessitating your undivided attention and keen observation abilities. This one-of-a-kind gameplay aspect provides an added challenge, keeping players engaged and driven to find the right match.

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If you enjoy difficulties and have an eye for color, Shadle is the game for you. It's an engaging puzzle game that tests your ability to detect colors.

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