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10 best games like Dordle


Wordle, a fun and addicting game, was the model for Scoredle. The goal of the game is to find as many secret keywords as possible.

The goal of Scoredle is to guess as many themes as you can as quickly as possible. Each time you try, you try to find the word. If a letter is in the right place (green), out of place (yellow), or not there at all (red), it is shown by the color of the box.

Players will get more tips to help them narrow down their choices and find the best keywords. It's hard to play this game, but it's fun.

The game is easy to learn but hard to get really good at. Everyone can play, no matter how good they are. Scoredle has existed for a long time. What are you most excited about? Let's get started!

If you like Scoredle, you'll probably enjoy our collection of easy Wordling games. Have a good time!

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