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Rolldle is modeled after the popular computer game Destiny 2, in which players must solve puzzles by guessing which scroll of weapons will be used. In Rolldle, the player has six chances to guess. One of the new things the online puzzle game adds to the Wordle format is a way for players to know if their guess is too popular or not popular enough.

Each estimate must have four benefits and one mastery skill for the specified weapon.

As an additional hint, the answer's popularity rank is also given.

To confirm your guess, you can click the orange "ENTER" button.

After each guess, the direction of the arrow indicates the popularity of the correct privilege. The down arrow means that the trait is less common than the trait the player has chosen and the up arrow means the trait that the player should guess is more common than the trait they have chosen. So Rolldle is a fun little game you can play to find the weapon that the Destiny 2 community thinks is the best.

In a nutshell, you are given a particular gun and have to guess a coil for it. In my first game, "Hailing Confusion", a Pulse Rifle called by Europa, was given to me by Europa. Remember you are trying to guess a certain reel, not the entire reel.

Unlike Wordle, you only need to log in once a day to use the new weapon as many times as you want. It's fun to see how much you know about weapon perks.

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