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10 best games like Dordle


The game Ringle was inspired by Wordle and features a unique idea. Players in this game are presented with a distinct ringing method, represented by numbers and bells. The idea is to estimate where the bells will be based on the shifting ringing rhythm. It may appear complicated, but let us delve in and discover the essence of this game.

How to play

Tiles on the game board represent the bell positions in a change-ringing system. Each row on the board contains all of the bells just once, and when you travel from one row to the next, the numbers representing the bells can either remain in the same position or move one position to the left or right. Most importantly, no two rows are the same!

In Ringle, your goal is to estimate the current row within six attempts. Each guess must contain all six digits representing the bell positions. Submit your prediction by using the enter key when you're finished. The color of the tiles will change after each guess to indicate how close your guess is to the actual row. This visual cue will aid in the refinement of your future guesses.

There's also an extra board on the right side of the gaming UI. It's a place where you can scribble down notes about the real positions of the bells. To enter a number on the right-hand board rather than the game board, hold the shift key down while inputting the number.

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