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In quantum form, welcome to Wordle! When you play Qwordle, you have six chances to get one of the two words in the pair right. Standard Wordle is pretty much the same as having two words on the screen at the same time without any letters being shared. You won't be able to tell which word each of your guesses belongs to because they will be partially colored if they have letters from both words. But with only six chances, it will be harder, no doubt.

Classical case: All of the colored cells will be filled if the letters in your prediction exactly match one of the two words in the entangled pair (anyone). You can't figure out which of the two words in the pair matches your guess, though. It's almost like measuring the word that is closest to the other word in each pair.

Quantum case: If your prediction fits the letters in both words of the entangled pair, you'll see half-filled colored boxes for the full prediction. Like the last set, these cells don't show any letters from any pair. It would be like measuring many pairs of almost identical knots over and over again and getting different results each time (dual).

Keep in mind that no two words in a tangled pair ever have the same letters (containing discrete sets of letters). You can win the Qwordle game if you guess one of the two words in a pair correctly.

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