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A word-guessing game, Wordle is very similar to Queerdle. Queerdle is a lot like Wordle in every way, but it has an interesting, intriguing twist. they're not all regular five-letter words and they all come from LGBT culture. Depending on the rules, players can also add words if they ask first.

How do you play Queerdle?
Naturally, just like Wordle! The game will show you a palette that shows whether you got a letter right, wrong, or both right and wrong. Some words have four or eight letters instead of five. You can make a new word by putting two words next to each other. In Wordle, there is only one word. You can call it by that name. In addition to insults like "You're just like Derrick Barry!" After you figure out the day's Queerdle, you'll even get some weird emojis. The right noun is a snake, the word for yellow is banana, and the wrong word is coconut. But you can't always use NSFW (Not Safe for Work). "Lewdle" is the word you want if you want NSFW words, so you could try it.

Queerdle gives you a new challenge every day, and even if the problem is longer, it can be hard to find the right word. The good news is that the right answer will be put here every day, and you can bookmark this page to make it easier to find.

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