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Pokle is often used as a word game. There are some similarities between Pokle and Wordle, but Pokle is more than just Wordle with a poker theme. It's a real poker puzzle.

You are given three bad decks, and on the flop, turn and river, you are told which hand wins based on its rank, not its value. The next step is to try to figure out what's on the board. If you hit the wrong card, it will turn gray. If you have the right rank, it will be yellow. If you have the correct card, it will be blue.

Pokle example

The goal is to guess five cards on the board. It doesn't matter if their order is on the flop.
You can see what each player is holding and who is the winner, second and third in each stage.
A green background means the prediction is correct, while a yellow background means a match or a high rank.
There is only one correct answer. There must be 5 different ways to take care

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