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OWLEL mixes the thrill of guessing games with the adrenaline of Overwatch to create an entertaining and difficult experience. As you attempt to identify the mystery player with only 8 attempts, put your knowledge of OWL players, their roles, and teams to the test.

In OWLEL, your ultimate goal is to accurately identify the OWL player's identity in as few attempts as possible. Break your own record and compete with friends to see who can be the best OWL expert.

How To Play 

In OWLEL, your task is simple yet difficult: determine the identity of an Overwatch League player within the allotted 8 attempts. Test your knowledge of OWL players and see if you can spot the pros behind the screens.

Employ your reasoning skills to reduce your alternatives using the information supplied after each guess. Analyze the clues carefully, remove the wrong possibilities, and go one step closer to selecting the perfect Overwatch League player.

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