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Otakle is a portmanteau of the Wordle crossword game and the common Japanese term Otaku. This phrase refers to people in the Rising Sun country who are passionate about various cultures, such as comic books (manga), cartoons (anime), and so on. The player must find a five-letter word in six trials. Prepare for surprising daily challenges and master this challenging game. Furthermore, players must understand how to make the best use of hints to get closer to the answer.

This game will feature a variety of subjects, including anime and video games. Players use link clues intelligently to discover the solution in the fewest number of trials. I hope you enjoy this wonderful crossword game!

Gameplay and Color-Code System

After each guess in Otakle, the player hits the "Enter" button on the screen to confirm. The squares that change into different colors are hints.

Green: the correct pick, with the proper letter and position.
Yellow: the correct character, but at the wrong location.
Gray is the incorrect choice; ignore it!

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