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10 best games like Dordle


When playing the game Octordle, you have to use four to six-letter words and a daily game mode to work together with your friends to solve the same problems every day. Except for requiring you to guess 8 target words at once and give yourself 13 guesses, Octordle adheres to the usual Wordle rules.


1. Type the first word.

You have 13 trials in the game Octordle to locate the eight hidden words. Simply input any word that appears in all eight game sections at once to launch the game and receive hints.

2. Determine the letters in hidden words.

All you have to do is follow the letter tips to solve all eight words. It will be colored green if the predicted letter is accurate and in the right place; yellow if the predicted letter is incorrect and in the wrong place; and grayed out if the predicted letter is not present in the word.

3. Make all 8 words out.

You must correctly guess the word in each round of the game to win. You may quickly take a screenshot of your quiz when you finish the game or post your result on social media.

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