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Nurdle is a game that presents a visually appealing crossword centered on professional cricketers. Players will face a five-column, six-row board. This indicates that the person's name will be five characters long, and you can guess it up to six times. Players can insert cricketers' first and last names. You can think of any object you know or have learned about. It makes no difference whether the player is male or female or how many ODIs, T20Is, or Tests they've played.

Each estimate will provide you with feedback and helpful suggestions. Players focus on the yellow and blue boxes for effective reminders. Also, eliminate the gray boxes from your next guess because they include the incorrect characters. The right answer will appear once you have won the round or run out of attempts. Nurdle's amazing number of riddles reaches 101 in Season 1. It also includes 18 more levels to let you explore further.

The simple gameplay

First, select a group of cricketers you know whose names are five letters long. Then take a test on the first row with the most renowned name. Next, use the provided options to choose the most appropriate name. I hope you can solve many questions and learn more about cricketers.

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