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Nordle (Wordleⁿ)

Nordle (Wordleⁿ) is a challenging word-guessing game. Players must guess multiple secret words at once (n+5 guesses). Every guess is a valid five-letter word. The game uses color hints to make it more difficult. If you enjoy word-guessing and want a harder task, this is the game for you. Push yourself further by progressively raising the number "n" on the board. Have fun!

How to play

Prepare for a difficult word-guessing task! Your job is to estimate five-letter words while simultaneously receiving feedback on those terms. Following each prediction, the game provides feedback on the accuracy level. Players can choose any number n based on their abilities and gradually increase the complexity. Try to guess all n words in n+5 guesses; there are numerous puzzles each day. This distinguishes the game and raises the difficulty compared to the standard Wordle game. Players must follow along and find the appropriate solution for each board in the game. Following each prediction, the game offers hints via the color of the crossword.

  • If the box is blue, then the letter is right.
  • If the box is yellow, the letter is correct but not in the proper position.
  • If the box is gray, you should remove the incorrect letter.

Please use this idea to narrow your prediction abilities in the future. With its unique and tough gameplay, the game has drawn a large number of players looking to enhance their word-guessing skills. With Nordle (Wordleⁿ), you can train and improve your abilities daily!

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