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Neverwherdle is an unusual word-guessing game inspired by Neil's Journal, which spans the first 21 years of his life. In this game, players must guess the secret Neverwherdle word in six attempts, with each guess containing a five-letter word.

How to play

The goal of Neverwherdle is to figure out the concealed word by making educated guesses based on the clues offered. After submitting each guess, the game provides feedback by altering the color of the tiles to reflect how close your guess was to the correct word. This feedback allows you to modify your successive guesses and get closer to the right answer.

The task is to go through Neil's journal and recall noteworthy events, persons, or concepts from his first 21 years of existence. You can figure out the hidden Neverwherdle word by applying your knowledge and comprehension of Neil's experiences.

Neverwherdle provides an engaging and intellectually stimulating gameplay experience for fans of Neil's Journal. It not only tests your memory and puzzle-solving abilities, but it also transports you into the enthralling realm of Neil's life narrative.

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