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Nerdle replaces letters and words with numbers and equations, similar to Wordle. Daily, you must guess 8 columns of 6 equations. You get color-coded hints for your predictions, like in Wordle.

Every guess is calculated.
-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9+*/or= can be used.
- "=" is required.
- Another calculation can't go to the right of "="
- 1 + 2 * 3 = 7 instead of 9 with * and / before + and -.
If 1+2=3, we'll also accept 2+1=3. (unless you turn off commutative answers in the settings).

Nerdle instructions
6 times, guess NERDLE. After each guess, the tiles' color changes to indicate your progress. Similar to Wordle, the cells change color when you guess right, wrong, or in the wrong place. Green brick means quantity and placement. Yellow indicates an out-of-place solution. Black cells are not in the words.

Like in Nerdle, takeoff is the hardest part of flying. Generate a random equation using numbers and symbols. The game gives you a colored answer when you solve an equation. Recognize this? It's Wordle-like.

There's hope. You can't enter a fake math equation. Numeric and symbolic data must be organized logically. This reasonable condition makes guessing more immersive and responsive.

Nerdle is a math-focused app. The equation itself is limited to basic addition, multiplication, and subtraction (DMAS).

Math symbols, equations
Nerdle uses numbers as game objects. These numbers are accompanied by +, -, *, /, and = symbols. When combined, these objects form equations that can be partially or completely accepted (the correct answer). As conjectures, idle game system rejects illogical equations. Integers are rational numbers, so Nerdle accepts them. Game rejected.

Incorrectly ordered equations won't be accepted as solutions. If the mystery equation is 1+2=3, but you enter 2+1=3, the answer will be purple-green-purple-green-green. For the challenge, appearance order is crucial. The image below shows a partially correct equation because the two parts appear to go together.

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