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Morsle is a big group of words. In the game, players have to do jobs every day that involve Morse code. Morse code is something you must be able to use. Morsle is a great choice if you want to play a harder puzzle game. Have fun while you play the game!

In this game, you can play practice mode as much as you want, and the results won't change your daily stats.

Words are easier to understand than call signs. They need at least one number and can have up to six letters and numbers. Because of this, people think this Wordle version is hard! For players to come up with the best way to win, they need to think ahead.

Fun things to do
Before the word is said aloud in Morse code, it can be guessed 21 times.

Don't worry; the initial playing speed of 40 words per minute (WPM) is pretty fast. The speed goes down by 5 WPM after every third try.

You get a guess for each word you play. Say the word again if you keep having to guess.

You can still guess even if some of the letters are blank. No more hints will be given, but the correct replies will be shown in green.

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