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More WORDLE is a brand-new alternative to Wordle. promises to test you in a unique way. Each level of difficulty will get a daily word. After each guess, the colors of the cells will change to show how close you are to today's answer.

Playing options
You can get a five-letter word, a six-letter word, and a seven-letter word every day by adding WORDLE. In More WORDLE, only the most determined Wordle players can try to guess the seven-letter word.

You can guess it six times if the word has five letters, seven times if it has six letters, and eight times if it has seven letters. Each time you make a guess, the game will show you the correct letter in the right place (in a green box), the correct letter in the wrong place (in a yellow square), and the correct letter in the wrong place (yellow square). that isn't there in the word (gray square). Let's play More WORDLE every day together.

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