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A math game called Mathler was created with math aficionados in mind. This game is wonderful for those who like the novelty of ideas but not as much the word-guessing component.

Playing the Mathler game
In this math-based Wordle version, the player must locate the "hidden calculus." In this case, a number rather than Wordle is the answer. Finding a way to access the number utilizing the symbols +, -, *, and/or in the six cells along with the numbers 0 through 9 is the challenging aspect.

Because there are different ways to get the answer every day, it is trickier than it seems. For instance, if the answer is 20, the solution can be 1*5+15 or 30-8-2. Deciding which path to choose is the challenging part.

Mathler's Rules
Mathler is easy to use and has few rules, just like Wordle (yes, we'll talk a lot).

Six or fewer times must be properly guessed.
For each equation you enter, a correct response must be given. Because 20 is not a number, your prediction, if the response is 20, cannot be 50+5-2. Right away, this is one of the most difficult parts of it.
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