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Mahjong Handle

In Mahjong Handle, a Wordle-based game, 34 Mahjong tiles stand in for English words and the Roman alphabet. The player must be right about the hand of the day after six tries or less. In Mahjong Handle, you have to put 14 squares in the right order. This is a very hard game.

how to do it
Instead of the alphabet, the Enter key, the Delete key, and 34 different types of mahjong tiles are shown at the bottom. When you press the key, the tile will rise to the top. Once the game is over at the East Office/South House, you will be able to use your hand. In other words, the tile is the rightmost green frame. When you're done, press the Enter key. After being looked over, the answer will be given a color. Blue means it's for Tehai and in the right place, orange means it's for Tehai but in the wrong place, and gray means it's not Tehai. Clear.

In Mahjong Handle, you have to guess how the tiles in your hand will fit together. There are only six steps, and each day there is only one question. Wish you have a great time!

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