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Letter Boxed Unlimited

Letter Boxed Unlimited is a simple word game that can be played on any web browser. It has the right level of difficulty because it uses logic, planning, and memory. Each puzzle has a box with 12 different letters in it. You just have to put these letters together to make words.

The trick is that each word after the first one has to start with the same letter that ended the word before it. This means that if you start with the word "finder," your next word must begin with the letter R. Then do it again until you've used all 12 letters at least once. You get five chances to use each letter.

How to Get Involved
You now know what the main point of the NYT Inbox is. So, let's look at the rules of the game to see how you'll reach your goal. How likely you are to win the Mailbox depends on how well you understand the rules.

Find your first word to start playing. Click or tap on a letter to choose it. The Mailbox game will then draw a line between the letters you picked.

You can't pick a letter from the same side of the box as the last letter you picked. You have to go through one of the other three sides.

You can use the same letter more than once in a word if you want.

There is no maximum number of letters in a word, but each one must have at least three.

For each word you find, the next word you make must start with the last letter of the previous word.

You must finish the box in less than or equal to five turns. Sometimes you get to the fourth or fifth turn and realize you aren't going to make it. If you get to that point, press the "Clear" button under the puzzle box over and over again. The same thing can be done on a computer by pressing "backspace" on the keyboard.

When you press that button, the last letter you played will be erased. But if you keep typing, it will start to delete the previous word. This means you can go back in time as often as you like. It can be hard, but your best bet may be to go back to square (or boxy).

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