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10 best games like Dordle

Jordle with Jordie

A word puzzle game on Neopets called "Jordle with Jordie" just like Wordle. Each day, there are six opportunities to find the word "Jordle". Jordie might drop by to cheer you on.

how to do it
You have to guess using a word from our dictionary. There are both real words and words that only make sense in Neopian.

With each guess, you will find out which letters are in Jordle's solution. Blue is in the right place in the answer to Jordle. Orange is in the answer to Jordle, but not in its place. Gray has nothing to do with the answer to the Jordle puzzle.

You can play the new games just like Wordle Jellyneo and get new Neopets puzzles every day at midnight NST. Have a great time!

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