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10 best games like Dordle


Hexordle is similar to Wordle, but the player has to guess six five-letter words at once instead of just one. Hexordle is a game for people who like to take on hard challenges. People with skills can show what they can do in this game.

Hexordle: How to Play
The way this game works is like how Wordle does. The rules are the same as the original Wordle, and you can play it in a browser. The letters turn yellow when they are written in a different spot. They will turn green if they are still in the term.

How to play Hexordle, a card game.
It can be hard to remember which letters were used in the last guess when you have to match six different guesses at once. A great way to calm down is to look at how the colors work together on a Hexordle keyboard. This game also uses the same tricks and plans as Wordle. Start a word with as many vowels as you can if you want to make it shorter. A fantastic time!

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