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In the straightforward puzzle game Furdle, which has an animal theme, players work to improve their grammar and memory by finding words that contain five letters.

How to play
You have up to five tries to guess the secret word correctly, so you will need to put some thought into it. Only words that contain five letters are counted toward the word length requirement in this game. The colors gray, yellow, and green are those that come to mind at the moment. It will be in green if the guess was correct, and it will be in the correct location if the letter is in the correct spot. The word will be highlighted in yellow if a letter is present but not in the correct position inside it. There is a high probability that an incorrect word, such as "gray," will be utilized.

The individual just chooses a word at random and enters it into one of the cells that are empty. The next step is for them to figure out the hidden word by using the clues provided by the colors.

Have a wonderful time and all the best!

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