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In Fortle, a game that was based on Wordle, you have to guess words that have to do with Fortnite. There are six ways to guess the word "fortle."

How to play
Each player in Fortle has six chances each day to guess a five-letter word. The six rows of five tiles show how many times you have tried. The game's colors have been changed to match the purple and orange look of the original game, and each word in Fortle refers to an item or feature in the original battle royale game. If the letter isn't there, the word will turn green. When the tile goes orange, the letter is in the right place and fits the five-letter word. When a tile goes purple, it means a letter is in the word but not where the player thought it would be.

Any word connected to Fortnite can be used as a five-letter word, like "forts," "spies," "stone," or anything else. Once you choose a letter, it will turn gray, so you can keep track of which letters you've already tried. You won't lose any points if you try to guess a word that isn't there. If you try six times and still can't find the word, you'll be told what it is.

Have fun and good luck!

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