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Fliktok is a picture quiz that you take every day to see how much you know about movies. In this exciting game, you only have six chances to figure out the name of the highlighted movie from a set of pictures. Let's get into the specifics of this movie-based guessing game.

Fliktok gives you a new movie job every day, so it always tests how much you know about movies. It is a game that helps you remember scenes and events from well-known movies.

Are you ready to begin the Fliktok trip and show how good you are at making movies? You only have six chances to figure out what the movie's visual clues mean and become the best movie detective ever. If you want to keep the magic of movies alive, guess now!

How to play the Fliktok game
Pictures from a new movie are shown every day.
You have six chances to guess the right name of the movie.
Look at the images carefully, and use what you know about movies to figure out what the movie is about.
Fliktok gives you information so that you can make guesses that are accurate.

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