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10 best games like Dordle


The match Flickle figures out the name of the movie by putting together a series of short clips. You won't be able to stop to get a better look, so you'll have to guess as you go.

how to do it
Enter the title to know right away what movie is being shown that day. If you can't name the movie, Flickle will give you more time to watch more scenes. Like the Heardle music guessing game, the game plays a song every second until the player gets it right. Flickle is a different kind of guessing game than Framed, which shows a still from the movie every time a player makes a guess.

After you watch the clip, try to name the movie of the day. Type something to see what you can do.
Still uncertain? You can get up to five more clips if you skip a question or make a wrong guess.
Find the answer in as few tries as possible, and then share your score.

There are six chances for you every day. This is a great game for people who like Wordle and want to learn more about movies. Have fun while you play!

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