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10 best games like Dordle

Flappy Birdle

The game Flappy Birdle is a mix of Flappy Bird and Wordle. This one-of-a-kind combination requires you to not only find the secret word but also guide a bird in the style of Flappy Bird through obstacles and to the finish line. It's the hardest game and challenge for keeping track of many things ever.

Start your one-of-a-kind game adventure.
Start a unique game trip where you can guess words and solve problems like in Flappy Bird. You can start playing the fun game Flappy Birdle right now.

How to Play Flappy Bird

You start with a 5x6 board, and you have six chances to guess a five-letter name. If you do that, you get +20 points.
Flappy Birdle is different from other word games because you can guess wrong and make typos.
The bird will fly up as you type your word. You have to think quickly to keep the bird going at the right speed and avoid obstacles.
The cell's color changes as you type to show how good your word is.

The game "Flappy Bird":

Pipes that look like the ones in Flappy Bird let you decide where the bird flies.
In Easy mode, the bird won't hit the pipes, you can try as many times as you like, and gravity isn't as strong.

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