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Flaggle is a word-based guessing game related to chess. Your goal is to find the flag of a country or territory as quickly as possible. After each guess, a similar flag will be displayed to show your guess has the same color as the answer. The palette has been cut down to ten well-known colors to make it easier to find.

How to play the game Flaggle

Even if you don't know much about chess, you shouldn't worry too much because there are many chances of correctly guessing the game. If the spot already has a matching color, the guesses will be shown in green. Players can limit their choices by looking at past forecasts to find mysterious flags. Type a country name in the box at the top of the screen to try to figure out what that flag is.

The puzzle hints will be displayed on the screen. To solve the puzzle, the player must perform a few simple steps. Every day, the answer to this quiz is posted on several websites.

Flaggle is an updated version of Flagle. How many times must the player try to solve this puzzle? The name of the best player will be displayed on the screen for one day. After each mission, you learn something new.

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