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Decwordle, which is also called "puzzling," is a game in which the player has 16 chances to guess 10 five-letter words correctly. Even though Decordle looks easy on paper, it's actually harder than Wordle.

How to play Decordle
Players must type a five-letter guess and hit "Enter" to send it in. Each person has a total of 16 chances to find each of the ten words for the day. There are rules about where the letters should go in the game. If a letter is green, it is in the right place. Yellow letters are correct, but they are in the wrong place. Gray letters show up in words that don't have them.

When does the Decordle Reset happen?
Every day at midnight, the daily puzzle for Decordle starts over. When you finish a Decordle game, you can upload it as an image or copy it to the clipboard.

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