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The goal of Dawdlin, a new version of Wordle, is to make as many guesses as you can.

It keeps showing what letters are right and what letters are wrong. But the wrong letters can't be used again in the same place.
If your first guess is a K and it's marked as "yellow," which means it's the right letter but it's in the wrong place, your second and third guesses will also be right. must have a K in it. If your first guess is K and it's green, which means it's the right letter in the right place, you'll have to use that K for the rest of the game. play.

Even though it's similar to Wordle's Hard Mode in some ways, players can keep making the same guesses in the same order. This makes it hard to beat Dawdlin in less than four guesses. Even though it's not as easy as Wordle, it's still fun to play, and most games are over quickly. A fantastic time!

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