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Daily Waffle

Players in Daily Waffle are given a set of random letters that do not follow the alphabet. This means that a letter may appear many times. Your task is to reassemble the disconnected letters into a term that makes sense.

What exactly is a daily waffle?
Daily Waffle is a game that takes ideas from the popular Wordle and gives them a new spin. The goal of Daily Waffle is to build six correct words out of letters that are randomly placed on the board, like a tasty waffle, in no more than 15 moves.

The Rules of Daily Waffle
The color of the letters on the board will change as you move them around to represent how close you are to finishing the waffle.

Green indicates that this letter is in the correct position.
Yellow indicates that this letter is in the desired word, but it is in the incorrect location. Try shifting it around.
This letter is gray because it does not appear in the word. Purchase a new one.

Daily Waffle differs from other word games in that it assigns you a fresh random task every day. This randomization adds an element of the unknown, making each endeavor a unique challenge.

Number of moves: To form valid five-letter words, you can only move letters 15 times.

Word validation is limited. Daily Waffle notifies you right away if your word attempts are correct. Words or letter placements that are incorrect are underlined, allowing you to better your strategy with each move.

Difficulty steadily increases: As you play the game, the puzzles become increasingly difficult, necessitating the use of your wordplay and strategic thinking skills.

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