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Commander Codex

Commander Codex is a fun mix of the popular Wordle game and the fascinating world of Magic: The Gathering. Dive into a one-of-a-kind adventure where you have to figure out how to find hidden Commanders by figuring out what their card qualities are. The goal of this game, which is based on Wordle, is to find the Commander from the top 500 Commanders on EDHREC. You have six chances to pick out the Commander correctly.

To interpret, you use colors and signs.
After each guess, Commander Codex gives you useful feedback and helps you find the right answer with a rainbow of colors and symbols.

The Bright Signs
When you get it right, the tiles turn green, which means that they are an exact match.
Partial Matches in Yellow: As you get closer, the tiles turn yellow to show that you are getting some of the answers right.
Place the arrows: Position arrows show where the Commander is in relation to where you think he is.
Separation in Grey: Use gray tiles to keep the Commander from merging with your guess.
The Commander universe is looked at.
Commanders in Magic: The Gathering has a huge world to explore. Use this quiz for the best Commanders out there to see how much you know.

Commander Codex is a game that combines the fun of Wordle and the magic of the Gathering. Are you ready to figure out the secrets of the Commanders and learn how to use the Commander Codex?

How to play

Using mouse.

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