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Cladder is the famous word puzzle game. In this game, the player has one minute to find 10 words from the clues. Start with a four letter seed word and change one letter to find the answer.


You have 60 seconds to figure out each of Cladder's ten hints, but be careful! It's easy to get stuck when time is running out. To make a new word, you have to swap a letter from the last one. Each game you play will give you two ways to "skip" and get the right answer in exchange for 5 seconds of your time.

When you play Cladder on a touch screen, you just have to touch the square to change and enter the character you choose. On a different device, like a laptop, you have to type the whole term. Cladder only adds one new entry per day, just like Wordle. If that isn't enough for you, you can play all of Cladder's previous puzzles in Cladder's archive.

Multiple modes
Besides the dark and light modes, you can play in three other ways:

If you get stuck on Hard Mode and can't skip, the game doesn't tell you which tiles to change. If you choose to play Cladder on Hard Mode, an asterisk will show up next to your score to let other players know you're up for a challenge.

It might be easier to play the game if, in choose mode, you just tap a cell to change its letter instead of typing in the whole word, especially on mobile devices.

This mode is for teachers to encourage the whole class to play together. There is no timer in this mode.

You can also choose "practice mode" to get a feel for how the game works without hurting your stats.

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